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Address: Yamato Bldg. 5F, 17-5 Nihonbashi Odenma-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011 Japan 
Phone: 03-5651-0339
Fax: 03-5651-0337 
Programme Director: Ms.Atsumi Nishida

Applicants should apply for the WYS program through a representative sending organization in their country, which WYS has partnership with. Please contact WYS directly for further information on local organizations in your country.


☆Student should be between 15 to 18 years old at the time of their arrival in Japan
☆Students must not have graduated from their home country high school (Secondary Education School) at the time of arrival in Japan.
☆Students should understand the main purpose of the exchange programme and be aware that they should be good ambassadors of their countries
☆Students must possess an above average level of maturity, self-confidence and flexibility
☆Students should have good grades
☆Students must be in good health in body and mind
☆Students should have high command in English and at least basic understanding of Japanese (including the ability to read and write Hiragana and Katakana prior to their arrival)


The programme fee varies according to the programme duration. Please contact WYS Japan office directly for further information.

The program fee includes:
Host school placement  
WYS ensures that all exchange students have been placed at a local public or private High School prior to their arrival in Japan
Placement in a host family
WYS will make the best effort to match the students’ and host families’ interest. All WYS host families have been carefully selected to ensure that the environment in the host family is suitable for an exchange student.
Arrival Orientation           
All students will have an arrival orientation (three nights, four days) upon their arrival in Japan conducted by WYS. The arrival orientation session is aimed at helping students prepare for their life in Japan and get familiar with some of the most important things that they will be expected to accomplish as an exchange student on the WYS programme. The orientation includes various group and individual activities helping students to adapt to the culture as well as making friends.
Periodic reports to your home country/sending organization
WYS will send periodic reports and information on your status to your organization back home.
Local counselor
Every student will have a personal counselor throughout the program, whom they can contact regarding any arising issues. All WYS counselors are full-time employees, who will be in charge of keeping regular contact with the students and making sure that the students’ adaptation to the Japanese life is smooth.

Students are responsible for covering the following on their own:
・Local transportation between Narita Airport and their host families' communities 
・General school expenses 
(public transportation expenses from host family's home to host school, excursions, textbooks, stationery, school uniform, etc.) 
・Private Expenses (pocket money, eating out, telephone charges, etc.) 
・Health Insurance 


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