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Address: Yamato Bldg. 5F, 17-5 Nihonbashi Odenma-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011 Japan 
Phone: 03-5651-0339
Fax: 03-5651-0337
Programme Director: Ms.Atsumi Nishida

  World Youth Service Society
  Address: Yamato Bldg. 5F, 17-5 Nihonbashi Odenma-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011 Japan
  Phone: 03-5651-0339
  Fax: 03-5651-0337
  Programme Director: Ms.Atsumi Nishida


WYSS Japan organises exchange programmes at high school level with 20 countries, including Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil and Thailand.
The WYSS programmes range from a high school academic year exchange programme to a secondary school students short range exchange programme, as well as, the secondary school teaching programme in Japan, which we will mention in details below.
The purpose of these programmes is to promote cultural exchange and international understanding through interaction between high school level students and teachers.
We believe it will lead the students and teachers to international understanding on nation level in the future.

Read an interview with WYS Japan Senior Director Nobuo Arita on WYS and its programs: WYS Interview 2013

WYSS Japan has laid emphasis on our academic year exchange programme for Japanese high school students at a senior high school in USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Korea.
In our programmes, the students attend either public or private high school for one academic year, staying with host families.
The outstanding features of this programme are students are enrolled with the tuition waived and stay with a volunteer host family.
WYSS short range programmes are in the spring and summer, and are planned for Japanese junior and senior high school students.
We arrange a programme in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, which encourage interaction between high school students of these countries.

WYSS is keen to promote the academic year high school programme in Japan.
We have placed a number of students from overseas at either public or private high school in Japan for one academic school year.
In order to promote their understanding on Japan, the students will stay with Japanese host families. The students are enrolled by tuition waiver and the host families are volunteer.
WYSS High School Exchange Programme is designated by Ministry of Justice.



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